ES-45        Single Chip FM Stereo Earphone Radio   (DC 3V)


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This FM radio is constructed around a SMD IC which is a complete FM Stereo radio consisting all the major parts of an FM radio & the audio power amplifier


OPERATION & functions of the switches :
There is no adjustable parts in this radio.

VOLUME CONTROL: Volume can be adjusted by pressing the switch S1 or S2 to increase / decrease the volume.

SELECTING the radio station can be done by pressing S3 or S4. S3 for scanning up and S4 down

S5 -- is the "soft" ON/OFF switch. You can turn ON or turn OFF the radio by pressing this switch. This also allows the radio to "remember" the last station that you tuned in
before it is switched off.

MAIN switch S6 is intended for disconnecting the battery when the radio is not used over long period of time.
This switch may remain ON all the times if the radio is frequently used.
NOTE that once this switch is turned Off, the radio "forgets" what station you last tuned in

There is no need for an external antenna as the earphone cable serves as an antenna to capture the radio signal.

The earphone supplied with the kit has a cable length of ~ 140cm which is long enough to pick up signal sufficiently strong for the radio to operate normally.