ES-160     4-Digit Up Counter ( DC 9~15V)

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**OLD VERSION (discontinued & replaced by a newer version)

Counts up from 0 ~ 9999.  Leading zeros blanking for first round of  counting. When count exceeds 9999, display rolls over to 0000 without leading zeros blanking.
This serves as an overflow indicator. Two push buttons are provided for "increment" & "reset".   Switch Debouncing is implemented in software to eliminate the need of an
external deboucing cap.  Based on Microchip PIC 16C54  micro-controller (or compatible chip).  
NOTE:  This module is not suitable for high speed counting because software debouncing  limits the counting rate to below 100 counts per second)

Applications : 
Object counter for production line, ....  
PIC 16C54  datasheet      H11A1 (MCT2E) datasheet