Resistors,  Resistor Arrays,  Trimmer Pots (preset),  Potentiometers, . .


RM 0.07 / pc        

 5 %  Fixed 1/4W -or- 1/6W  Carbon Film Resistors 
Min 10 pcs / value

(if the 1/4W type is out of stock, we will replace it with 1/6W type )

Please do not order values that are not listed

0Ω, 1Ω, 10Ω, 100Ω, 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M, 10M

2K, 200K 390Ω, 3K9, 39K, 390K 6Ω8, 68Ω, 680Ω, 6K8, 68K, 680K
1K2, 12K, 120K, 1M2 2Ω2, 22Ω, 220Ω, 2K2, 22K, 220K, 2M2 360K 750Ω, 750K
15Ω, 150Ω, 1K5, 15K, 150K, 1M5 27Ω, 270Ω, 2K7, 27K, 270K 4Ω7, 47Ω, 470Ω, 4K7, 47K, 470K, 4M7 82Ω, 8K2, 82K, 820K
18Ω, 180Ω, 1K8,
18K, 180K, 1M8
3Ω3, 33Ω, 330Ω,3K3, 33K, 330K, 3M3 56Ω, 560Ω, 5K6, 56K, 560K, 5M6 910Ω, 9K1, 91K, 910K

 (Note : Examples:  3Ω3 = 3.3Ω,  4K7 = 4.7K, 2M2 = 2.2M, .... & so on)

RM 0.07 / pc     (  Min. 10 pcs / value )        


  Wire Wound Fusible Resistors
Used in SMPS AC mains input

RM 0.65 /pc

8.2 Ω    2W


Cement resistors      Click on picture to enlarge       RM 0.70 / pc

0.1 Ω,    7W 
10 Ω,  2W  
4.7 Ω, 5W
0.22 Ω,  5W  
22 Ω,  5W  
47 Ω,  3W  
0.33 Ω,  5W  
27 Ω,  5W  
0.47 Ω,  5W  


 2W resistors 

RM 0.30 /pc

 Available values:      1 Ω  ,    150 Ω ,   100K,    33 Ω      



 Preset (Trimmer pot) &  Potentiometers   (please do not order values that are not listed)
Code/value  examples : 102 =1K,  222=2.2K,   103=10K,  224=220K,  105=1M

RM 1.35

16mm dia. Pot. (Mono)
3-terminal, pcb mounting
 (linear taper : type "B")
    Available values : 
   10K, 100K, 250K,
   500K,  1M

Preset  (Trimmer pot)

Top adjustment
      RM 0.40

Available values
1K 1M 20K 5K
10K 200Ω 200K 50K
100K 2K 500Ω 500K
Multi-turn Precision Trim pot (Preset)

RM 0.90
Available values
100Ω 20K
1K 200K
10K 500Ω
100K 5K
1M 50K
200Ω 500K

RM 2.20
16mm dia. Pot. (Stereo)
6-terminal, pcb mounting
 (linear taper : type "B")
   Available values :  100K  

2-pin skeleton preset, side tuning  20KΩ   

RM 0.35

Skeleton preset
Ω   or 100K

RM 0.35

Aluminium Knob
for rotary switches & pots  
 (H:17mm,  Dia.: 15mm)

No. A-1517     RM 1.30


Resistor Arrays SIP 5,9

No.  A05-103 5-pin 10K RM 0.45
No.  A05-512 5-pin 5.1K RM 0.45
No.   A09-103 9-pin 10K RM 0.50
No.   A09-472 9-pin 4.7K RM 0.50

Plastic knobs
for rotary switches & pots
(H:15mm,  Dia.: 24mm)

No. 2415       RM 1.10

Plastic Knob
for rotary switches & pots  
(H:15mm,  Dia.: 27mm)

No. MFA03        RM 1.20


Download datasheet here